My tips to impress the examiner:


The driving test is all about how you can drive a car safely, that’s what the driving examiner is looking for.

How to impress your driving examiner.

1. You have got to keep to the Highway Code at all times

2. The driving examiner wants to see proof you have the right attitude to driving safely

3. At all times you have to be in control of your car.

4. You will have the ability to spot hazards and take the appropriate action to avoid them.

Confidence & Preparation


Right from your first driving lesson we’ll help you prepare to become a safe driver and passing your driving test by programming the 4 safety factors into your driving. Imagine being able to get into your car, starting the engine and being able to drive safely…on autopilot.

Even before you get to your driving test you’ll be driving effortlessly, with ease, being in control and confidence oozing from you.

You are not just ready to pass your driving test and get your licence, but you have proven you are a safe driver.

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